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Aviation Technology I

Fee: $30

Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite: none

This year-long course is designed as an introduction to general aeronautics. It includes the study of physical mathematics, weight and balance, FAA regulations, common and special tools and measuring devices, fluid lines, hardware, aircraft servicing, and documentation (FAR Part 65). This course is also designed to expand and to prepare the prospective A&P technician for the electrical portion of the Oral and Practical exam in obtaining an FAA certified license. Provide basic information on the principles, fundamentals and technical procedures in the areas of aircraft, aerospace and aviation professions. Students will learn the history of flight, developmental trends, the principles of flight and navigation, the flight environment of an aerospace vehicle, the missions and roles of today's aerospace vehicles, the fundamentals of rocketry and space travel, and the physiology of flight. The appropriate use of technology and industry-standard equipment is an integral part of this course.

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Aviation Technology II

Fee: $30

Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: Aviation Technology I

This year-long course is a continuation of Aviation Technology I. This course provides intermediate aviation technology students with an in-depth knowledge about the systems and structures found on today’s aircraft. The student will become familiar with aircraft structural materials, coverings, electrical systems, hydraulics, computer systems, environmental systems, safety equipment, control systems, power plants, and avionics. Through the knowledge gained in studying aircraft systems and structures, the student will learn the fundamentals to maintain and safely operate an aircraft. The appropriate use of technology and industry-standard equipment is an integral part of this course.

Aviation Technology III

Fee: $30* 

Grade Level: 11-12

Prerequisites: Aviation Technology I and II

*End-of-Porgam Assessment and Workplace Readiness Assessment Fees will apply in addition

This year-long course is a continuation of Aviation Technology II. This course provides advanced aviation technology students with instruction in advanced techniques and processes and will prepare the student to successfully take the FAA Part 61.105b Private Pilot Knowledge Test. This course introduces students to the principles of flight, the aircraft flight environment, aircraft performance standards, flight controls, metrology, radio communications, flight planning, FAA regulations, navigation, the human body in flight, airman decision making, accident prevention, Airman Information Manual (AIM), and the fundamentals of instrument flight. This course prepares the students to take the FAA Part 61.109 Private Pilot Written Exam. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have acquired entry-level skills for employment and be prepared for postsecondary education. The appropriate use of technology and industry-standard equipment is an integral part of this course.

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