Cybersecurity Pathway

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Cybersecurity I

Fee: $0 Certification Fees will Apply

Grade Level: 9-12

Prerequisite: none

This year-long course covers the fundamentals of computer hardware and software, as well as topics in design, maintenance, and repair. Students who complete this course will be able to describe the internal components of a computer, assemble a computer system, install an operating system, and troubleshoot using system tools and diagnostic software. This course prepares students for CompTIA’s A+ industry certification.

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Cybersecurity II

Fee: $0 Certification Fees will Apply

Grade Level: 10-12

Prerequisite: Cybersecurity I

This course is a continuation of Cybersecurity I. This course provides intermediate cybersecurity students with computer forensics and incident handling. Students will learn to develop and execute an incident response plan, document an incident, determine investigative objectives, describe methods to trace offenders and use appropriate tools for computer forensics. Methods for deciphering encrypted data and a working knowledge of hard drive configuration are also covered. The appropriate use of technology and industry-standard equipment is an integral part of this course.

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